10 Grown-Up Mocktails That Are Totally Worth Making

Pear-Ginger Shrub 

Make a gingery pear syrup cut with apple cider vinegar and serve it over club soda. This enlivening sipper is just right for early fall vibes.

N/A Negroni 

If you want to establish a library of non-alcoholic mixers and spirits, this is the cocktail to get you started.  

Raspberry Lime Rickey 

our is unquestionably the only beverage on our list that was formerly a mainstay of New England soda fountains. It rose to prominence during Prohibition and merits a place on any modern non-alcoholic drink list.  

Ginger Switchel

Who would have guessed that vinegar, lemon, honey, and ginger could be so tasty? This is a classic summer cocktail that is well worth savoring today. 

Cucumber Mint Shrub 

It is the pinnacle of freshness. White wine vinegar is the vinegar of choice in this energizing shrub.  

Rosemary Rhubarb Spritzer

The rosemary aspect is just enough to catch your interest without making you pucker up your face.  


Turmeric, lime, ginger, and honey make this Indonesian drink bright and flavorful.   


Trendy tepache might strain your budget. Fortunately, tepache is an excellent starting ferment. It's basically pineapple, water, and sugar fermented together till slightly sprightly.  

Agua de Jamaica 

This Mexican agua fresca gets its bitterness and color from dried hibiscus blooms (also known as sorrel in Jamaica).  

Homemade Ginger Ale

This is not just any ginger ale. You decide how sweet it is when you mix the simple syrup, spicy ginger root infusion, and club soda. 


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