10 Regal Nail Art Ideas That Give Big “Bridgerton” Energy 

A luxurious pink manicure adorned with flowers, ribbons, and pearls will channel your inner princess. The subtly multicolored finish gives the design a modern edge, yet the details evoke 19th-century London.  

Frilly Princesscore Tip

Without spoiling anything, bees play a crucial role throughout the series. Dotting a few tiny bumblebees along your French tips will add a touch of Bridgerton to your next manicure.  

Simple Bumblebee Adornment

These pearl-lined Frenchies are elegant enough for any of the principal ladies from the renowned television series, with clear tips and pressed flower accents instead of a more traditional white tint.  

Pearl-Lined Clear Frenchie

Season three is all about Penelope Featherington — making these vibrant yellow and pink floral Frenchies, inspired by her signature color, a perfect choice.

Pretty Penelope-Inspired Floral

If you want to shine like Daphne Bridgerton and Edwina Sharma as the desired "diamond of the season," these gorgeous bedazzled nails are the way to go.  

Sparkling Diamond Stud

Throughout early June, the Bridgerton family home—and most of England, in general—is covered with gorgeous purple wisteria blooms. Paint on the lovely blossom for an exquisite tribute to the show.

Whimsical Wisteria Art

Rococo is a French design style that arose in the early 1700s and is distinguished by decorative features and a pastel palette. These mint green and strawberry motifs are a perfect fit for the current trend.  

Regal Rococo Detail

Each of the show's prominent families is connected with a few trademark colors, including the Bridgertons, who are surrounded by pastel blue and light purple tones.   

Darling Daisy Print

Lady Whistledown’s Silhouette

This intricate manicure is distinguished by a pastel pink tiny portrait painted on one of the nails, which was inspired by Lady Whistledown's printed society publications.  

Gilded “B” For Bridgerton

While A-listers like Kourtney Kardashian Barker prefer to decorate their nails with their partner's initials, this golden "B" is ideal for the complete Bridgerton fan.


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