5 Zodiac Signs Get A Fresh Start In Love From Now To May 25, Thanks To The New Moon In Tauru

On May 7, the Taurus New Moon brings sensual and delicate energy that helps you reconnect with your spouse, find love, and establish a lovely life  

Your partnership starts over with the Taurus New Moon, focusing on what you want to grow rather than what you don't.    

Venus, the planet of love, rules Taurus and strives to calm you. You can enjoy simple moments like viewing the sunset with your partner.  

Taurus rules relationships, thus the New Moon helps you start a new phase. This is the first New Moon in Taurus since the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus and Scorpio on October 28, 2003.  


The New Moon lets you follow your heart. You can embrace love's fluctuations. Jupiter remains in Taurus for a few weeks until entering Gemini on May 25, so there are still prospects for family growth.  


Although romantic commitment is frequently considered marriage, it's not required. As an earth sign, you incline towards tradition, but the New Moon in Taurus helps you determine which traditions to follow.  


Believe in all your love and relationship dreams. While realism and logic are important for building a strong foundation, make room for adventure, new experiences, and perhaps an unexpected love if you're single.   


Your personal and romantic progress increases this year. The Taurus New Moon provides you a gentle sense of direction.   



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