3 Zodiac Signs Whose Hardships Come To An End The Week Of May 20

During the week of May 20 - 26, 2024, three zodiac signs will recognize that it is time to step up our game in terms of gullibility and false hope.   

This week has Gemini season, a Moon opposite Mercury, the Sun trine Pluto, a Sagittarius Moon, Venus in Gemini, a Jupiter/Neptune alignment, the Moon square Saturn, Jupiter in Gemini, and the Moon square Mars.   

This cosmic soup may be incredibly 'tasty,' but as we all know, we let the components simmer before anything 'edible' emerges from the concoction.  

This implies that we will have the opportunity to reflect on our foolish ignorance at this time, as well as gain a clear image of what has to be done in the future so that we do not make decisions based on naivety.   


You may have felt you could get away with anything because of your charisma and propensity to be extremely good to others.   


You believed you could accomplish it, but you can't, and that is well, Virgo. You're renowned as the zodiac's perfectionist, which might place a bit too much pressure on you.  


You're not the kind to lose control, if you can help it, and you may discover that you've shaped yourself into what you consider to be an ideal.   


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