5 Zodiac Signs With Inspiring Horoscopes On May 14

The energy for each zodiac sign's horoscope on Thursday, May 9, is all about appreciating the significance of minor details.  

With Pluto Retrograde blazing (although in the background), things that were previously neglected may suddenly become significant. It's less about sweeping strokes today  

Under this influence, the greatest horoscopes will be for Scorpio, Cancer, Aries, Taurus, and Pisces. The other zodiac signs are also encouraged to see the trees for the forest.  

With the Moon in Gemini's association to Pluto Retrograde shining as a positive force, we must go behind the surface to uncover the true core of things. Whether it's a person, a scenario, a profession, or an opportunity, the surface gloss  

1. Cancer   

Thursday's vibe is lovely for you. If you delve inward and listen carefully to your heart (and soul), you will discover what you need to do to make your life even more lovely. If you feel called to do so, meditate with a crystal of your choice.  

1. Scorpio  

Cancer, you will be mediocre if you believe you are mediocre, or a queen if you believe you are a queen. That's Thursday's unusual message. So do not sabotage yourself! You have cosmic forces on your side, removing obstacles in your path  

2. Cancer  

Sometimes, Aries, it's best to just go out into the world on a brand-new adventure and let yourself adjust as you go. It may not be appropriate for all aspects of life or in all situations, but it will allow you to discover  

3. Aries  

Taurus, if no one has recently told you that you are loved, tell yourself and hug in front of the mirror. If this makes you feel strange, it's an indication that you should go deeper into your past  

4. Taurus  

Pisces, be wary of what you say on Thursday. You now have the power of manifestation on your tongue (a cosmic gift), so be careful not to channel it into negative spaces and produce even more negativity.   

5. Pisces   


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