5 Zodiac Signs with the Sweetest Weekly Horoscopes From May 13-19  

The vibe this week, May 13–19, 2024, is lovely and romantic. Allow your heart to take the lead and show you the wonders of the world! Do not fall into the trap of believing you are dull.  

Then, on May 16 (the next day), Pallas Retrograde will leave Sagittarius and enter Scorpio.   

With all of these retrogrades, if you choose to focus on your personal well-being and what makes you who you are, you will emerge from the retrograde (eventually) with a stronger sense of self and an indomitable spirit.   


Aries, the energy in the first part of this week is all about identifying areas where you are wounded or have trigger-happy worries.   


Pisces, you'll spend the first half of this week introspecting. If you lean into it, your intuition will provide some intriguing insights.  


Sagittarius, believe in yourself and go with confidence. 


Cancer, your energy in the first part of the week is absolutely lovely! Lean into your true self and be firm in your beliefs and lifestyle.  


Leo, this week's vibe is pleasant and wonderful for you. 


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