A sneak peek at the first season of 'Land Man' by Taylor Sheridan (updated in January 2024)

The drama surrounding Yellowstone is still going strong as Taylor Sheridan's flagship series approaches its conclusion, as you are undoubtedly aware by now.  

Star Kevin Costner has caused considerable turmoil for the creator and prolific writer; he will not be returning for the final episodes, which are scheduled to shoot in the fall of 2024.  

Sheridan may be on the outs with Matthew McConaughey, who is reportedly considering leaving his spinoff (which seems to be 2024) owing to a potential personality clash and schedule conflicts.  

Sheridan has also sued another cast member for trademark infringement. 

What should a Paramount+ junkie do in such a circumstance? Thankfully, new Sheridan series are constantly being developed.  

In addition to being something to look forward to, 6666 will return in 1923 with a new season starring Helen Mirren and Harrison Ford.  

In a similar vein, Jeremy Renner is returning to work on a third season of Mayor of Kingstown.  

Additionally, he is working on Land Man, which coincidentally features a reunion between the show's writer and Billy Bob Thornton, who starred in 1883. 


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