Al Pacino Takes on a New Mafia Boss Role in His Return to the Gangster Genre  

Legendary actor Al Pacino is returning to the world of mobsters, this time as a member of the cast of Captivated, which is based on the actual account of John Paul Getty III's kidnapping.  

Pacino co-stars with Black Mirror's Toby Kebbell and Katie Holmes from Batman Begins in another version of the well-known kidnapping.   

The same subject was covered in Ridley Scott's 2017 film All the Money in the World, though at the time of its release, Christopher Plummer had replaced Kevin Spacey in post-production, which contributed to much of the movie's publicity.  

According to Deadline, "The film centers on Saro, a Calabrian mafia boss (Kebbell and Pacino today) who kidnaps the grandson of Jean Paul Getty, one of the richest men in the world, and puts his entire organization in jeopardy when he falls in  

Johnny Depp Says "How Could I Refuse Pacino?" in Regarding His Directorial Comeback.  

Johnny Depp plans to return to directing, and he gives Al Pacino credit for it. Producing the film Captivated are Andrea Bucko, Michael Mammoliti, Michael Benaroya, and Manasvi Mamgai.  

"Captivated has all the ingredients of a great film, a fantastic script, stellar cast, and visionary director," Benaroya said, expressing his optimism for the movie. We are ecstatic to have it on our schedule."  

He is given a great deal of weight that not many actors can carry off in his movements and even in his sitting. With his delivery of "Say hello to my little friend!" in Scarface, Pacino is associated with what is arguably one of the most quoted dialogue lines in movie history.  


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