“Almost Got Arrested”: Olivia Dunne Superfan, Who Broke All Barriers to Find His Way to the Queen at LSU World Series, Reminisces the Iconic Moment

Olivia Dunne's fan base grew over time due to her prominence, to the point that she now draws large crowds wherever she travels.

The LSU gymnast has gained a lot of attention online and is frequently mentioned in the media these days. 

Given how well-liked Dunne is by the American public,

it's not surprising that some people would be willing to risk arrest in order to secure an exclusive interview with her. And that's precisely what took place.

'corn.bred_', a user on TikTok, shared a video showing an Olivia Dunne admirer attempting to talk to the 20-year-old millionaire in spite of the possibility of facing legal action.

The fan entered Charles Schwab Field in Omaha covertly in order to meet the well-known actress. 

He did this in the hopes of speaking with the well-known social media user, and his wish was granted.

She was pictured with renowned American professional boxer Mike Tyson in one of the collage's highlights 


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