Although Caleb Williams won't be throwing at the NFL Combine, another choice he made might reveal much more

The standout quarterback from USC made it clear that while he was refusing to take part in medical assessments at the NFL scouting combine,  

he wasn't refusing to have medical exams performed in any capacity.  

Instead, in the weeks preceding the NFL Draft, Williams will visit teams for medical assessments in a cyclical manner.  

Williams' decision to forego throwing at the combine is more unusual than this one.  

However, the quarterback—who is presently the overwhelming favorite to go first overall   

BetMGM and is almost certain to be selected in the top two—explained his reasoning.  

"I can't be drafted by 32 teams," Williams declared on Friday morning.   

"I am one and only one. Thus, the medical teams I visit will handle everything related to my visit.  

Stroud was selected by the Houston Texans with the second overall pick last year, which helped him win Rookie of the Year.  


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