American fans can see Taylor Swift's Eras Tour cheaper in Europe because to the strong dollar and EU laws.  

U.S. fans of Taylor Swift who are experiencing sticker shock due to the high cost of her   

Eras Tour" tickets might end up spending significantly less to see her perform in Europe, even after factoring in the cost of airfare and lodging.  

It would cost around $1,300 to fly from New York to Sweden to see Swift, according to a CNN itinerary.   

You may expect to spend $700 on a round-trip airfare, $300 on a concert ticket, and $300 on a stay at a four-star hotel.  

It goes without saying that a typical American tourist will not spend more than a night in Sweden before catching a flight home.   

Plus, there would be additional expenses for food, beverages, and souvenirs.  

Tickets to Swift's forthcoming concerts in Miami, New Orleans, and Indianapolis,  

according to StubHub rates cited by CNN, range from $2,000 to $8,500  


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