"American Idol," the granddaughter of a country music legend gets the audience up and dancing.  

During Sunday's "American Idol" finale, Emmy Russell—the granddaughter of a legendary figure in country music—performed beside Wynonna Judd, another legendary performer.  

The song "Coal Miner's Daughter," which Russell's grandmother Loretta Lynn popularized, was first performed by the two before they moved into Judd's "No One Else On Earth."  

The crowd stood up during the performance.  

Russell, who finished in the top five but outside the top three chosen for Sunday's finale, had a fitting conclusion.  

She allegedly stated, "I wrote 'Redemption' because I process life through music and this song is what came out of a painful breakup."   

There was a moment when I gave everything I valued to someone else. But in the end, I had to admit that I was torn between the feelings of "I love you" and "I don't love you."  

Russell's growth and how she overcame her performance anxiety were major plot points for this season of "Idol." This song seems to be the next step in that process.  

She explained, "This song is a representation of my decision to stop being the person you come back to when it's convenient." "When I told him it was over, I realized that I didn't deserve this, and that alone brought me to a door I had been dying to open.  


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