Anchovy Cacio e Pepe Spaghetti with Fried Capers

We will flavor the oil with soy sauce! When combined with infused olive oil and anchovy filets, a small amount of soy sauce can have a significant impact.

Next, we'll use Korean spinach, specifically Seomcho, as the major component!  

Seomcho, a type of Korean spinach, is farmed largely in South Jeolla Province (전라남도).  

It has a significantly thicker stem than Common Korean Spinach or Western Spinach.  

When stir-fried, Seomcho does not wilt as much, making the meal appear very appealing!  

(Be aware that Seomcho will be difficult to locate if you do not have access to a large Korean store. This recipe works with both regular Korean spinach and Western spinach. Although both will become more shrivelled, the taste remains excellent.  

Seomcho has only recently been farmed on a commercial scale, beginning in 1996.  

Many Koreans are unfamiliar with regional spinach.Engage your intellect in the enthralling world of brain teasers, where logic and creativity collide to test your mental abilities.   


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