As the Astros thrash the Blue Jays, Ronel Blanco throws the first no-hitter in MLB history in 2024 season.

Houston— Ronel Blanco, another big right-hander joining the Houston Astros' pitching pipeline, woke up anonymous on Monday.  

He received a $5,000 signing bonus from a company that dominated cheap improbabilities after working at a Dominican car wash.  

Blanco did not begin pitching until he was 18 years old.  

Houston signed him at 22, an old among international signing class teens.   

If not for general manager Dana Brown convincing his pitching coaches to attempt Blanco as a starter, he might still be in the minors bullpen.   

He has excelled in Dominican winter ball and shuttled between Triple-A Sugar Land and the majors, stuck with the story he tried to write.  

"He and the whole group have met and exceeded expectations beyond what we could have imagined..  

... Oz Ocampo said late Monday night.  


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