Ben Affleck's Batman Finally Gets His Official HUSH Adaptation in New DC Cover Art

With James Gunn leading the DCEU in a new direction, Ben Affleck's Batman makes a final appearance—in DC comics.

With one noteworthy exception, artist Gabriele Dell'Otto's special 85th Anniversary variant cover for Batman #151 in the most recent solicitations for August 2024 recreates an iconic work of art.

This time, Batman is visibly posing over Gotham in the style of Zack Snyder's live-action films.

In 2024, Batman will celebrate his 85th birthday, having made his debut in Detective Comics #27 in May 1939.

 To commemorate this milestone, DC is releasing anniversary variant covers. Dell'Otto's cover features a nod to a classic Jim Lee cover art, drawn from the ground-breaking Batman story Hush from 2002.

The story featured an iconic new villain added to Batman's roster of rogues, Bruce Wayne revealing his identity to Catwoman, and even a trip to Metropolis.

This amazing cover, which features Batman wearing Affleck's Batsuit in Snyder's Justice League among other films, offers fans of the comic book character a taste of what might have happened if the DCEU had been a bigger hit.

A new villain called Hush came to Gotham with intimate knowledge of Bruce Wayne and knowing exactly how to strike Batman where it hurt. He also seemed to be masterminding a crime wave across the city,

The story first suggested it was Clayface masquerading as Robin, but the iconic story Batman: Under the Red Hood (by Judd Winick and Doug Mahnke) later confirmed that Jason was really there.


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