British YouTuber Spends $19 On Lewis Hamilton's Burger And Instantly Regrets It

Veganism is a way of life that Lewis Hamilton is very passionate about, and he wanted his followers to know about it.   

In 2019, he started a vegan burger chain called Neat Burger in London.   

Since then, it has expanded to six other countries. But how fantastic is it, really,  

when Lewis Hamilton is behind it? A famous Brit takes a bite out of it.  

For his most recent video, which he shared with his 4.2 million subscribers, Callum "Calfreezy" Airey sprinted throughout London's eateries owned by celebrities.   

Calfreezy, a creator famous for his podcast, game videos, and appearances on the Sidemen channel, started out at Neat Burger.  

"Lewis Hamilton, the eight-time, no-seven-time world champion, owns this restaurant here,"  

The first thing that Calfreezy does is report an issue. "They've actually shut down a number of these places, which is very unappealing."    


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