Can You Find The Missing Bell At The Lemonade Stand In 11 Seconds?

Sometimes our eyes deceive us, and things aren't always as they appear. This is referred to as an optical illusion.  

A lemonade shop with a missing bell is one of the most popular optical illusions on the internet. The task is simple: Can you find the missing bell in 11 seconds?  

The photo depicts a well-detailed lemonade stand. There are lemons, glasses, and even a small sign that reads "Lemonade for Sale." But something's missing: the bell! It's concealed somewhere in the image, and it's up to you to discover it swiftly.  

Well, our brains are quite adept at identifying patterns and making rapid decisions.   

Even if the bell is directly in front of you, your brain may miss it because it is too busy processing everything else in the picture.  

So, if you still haven't located the lost bell, don't worry! Take your time, examine carefully, and see if you can find it.  

Here's the hidden bell if you are still looking for it. 


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