Chiefs kicker Harrison Butker unleashes on Pride month, Biden in commencement addre

In a commencement speech at Benedictine College last weekend, Chiefs kicker Harrison Butker criticized Pride month  

President Biden's handling of the epidemic, and his position on abortion.  

Atchison, Kansas, is located around 60 miles north of Kansas City. On Saturday,   

the three-time Super Bowl champion gave a speech that lasted about 20 minutes at a Catholic private liberal arts school.  

Butker, whose conservative Catholic views have been well publicized, started his speech by criticizing   

The Associated Press published a report about a trend toward conservatism in the Catholic Church, which he also attacked.  

Continuing his criticism of Biden's policies, the 28-year-old Butker brought up the topic of COVID-19,   

the pandemic that has claimed the lives of approximately 1.2 million Americans, as reported by the CDC.  


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