Colin Kaepernick Impresses NFL Players on His Way to an Iconic Comeback During $167,500,000,000 Collaboration

– Kaepernick seeks NFL comeback after six-year hiatus, actively sharing journey on social media.

– Released in 2016 for kneeling during the anthem, Kaepernick's activism continues to gain support.

– Despite NFL exit, he remains in the limelight with endorsements, partnering with brands like Ben & Jerry’s and a major company worth $167.5 billion.

– Kaepernick, 35, played a key role in the 49ers' 2013 Super Bowl run but was released due to anthem protest.

– Determined for a comeback, he showcases skills in a recent Nike facility workout, earning praise from NFL players.

– Kendrick Bourne notes Kaepernick's impressive throwing mechanics, strong arm, and predicts he has another good six years in him.

– CeeDee Lamb commends Kaepernick's deep ball skills, affirming he's still the quarterback he once was.

– Kaepernick's journey garners positive feedback from current NFL stars, emphasising his readiness for a return to the league.


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