Colin Kaepernick's latest return is criticised by ex-linebacker: Like 6 years ago, the senior prom

– Colin Kaepernick posted a video promoting his NFL comeback attempt, drawing criticism from former NFL linebacker Terence Garvin, who said, "It’s over, bro. You're still trying to be the prom queen."

– Garvin suggested Kaepernick's annual comebacks were futile and pointed out his previous protest activities, noting the owners were hesitant to sign him due to potential controversy.

– The throwing showcase seemed part of a Nike ad, with NFL players endorsing Kaepernick being Nike athletes, including Najee Harris.

– Garvin and Arthur Moats argued that Kaepernick, at 35, hasn't played since 2016, making it unlikely for teams to sign him, especially with a new generation of quarterbacks emerging.

– Garvin expressed owners' concerns about potential disruptions and controversy Kaepernick might bring, given his history of leading protests during the national anthem.

– Moats emphasised the need to play consistently to stay sharp in football, questioning Kaepernick's readiness after several years away from the game.

– Kaepernick's recent workout video featured him throwing to NFL players like Kendrick Bourne, who praised his performance and suggested he has another good six years in him.

– Kaepernick's last NFL appearance was in 2016 with the San Francisco 49ers, and despite settling with the NFL, his subsequent tryouts failed to secure a contract with any team.


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