Connecticut Sun's smothering defense makes Caitlin Clark's WNBA debut a 'Welcome to the W'  

The all-time leading scorer in NCAA Division I history made an unconventional double-double in her WNBA debut on Tuesday night,  

finishing with 20 points while committing 10 turnovers.  

She equaled the league record for most points scored in a player's debut game with four threes, and she tied the record for most points scored in a player's debut game with the Indiana Fever.  

Conversely, with ten turnovers, she set a new record for a rookie since the league's inception in 1997.  

Clark and the Fever weren't hoping to lose their season opening 92-71 to the Connecticut Sun due to early issues to control the ball possession.   

The Fever turned the ball over 25 times as a unit, and Sun scored 29 points off of those mistakes to put the pressure on Indiana.  

"It was physical," Clark remarked following the game. She had to rapidly adapt to the WNBA after realizing that the calls she had gotten away with at Iowa wouldn't fly.   

The most important thing was simply anticipating the physical. Imagine a world where you never receive a call. It is inevitable that the [defense] will receive such calls.  


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