Scotland fake food art gets taste of Barbie movie succe

A maker of artificial foods has been "stunned" by the reaction to her product since it was featured in last year's smash Barbie film.  

The "raspberry ripple ice creams" that Kerry Samantha Boyes made famous appeared prominently in the opening beach scenes of the smash Hollywood film.  

She is known for her lifelike sculptures of food, which have been featured in movies, TV shows, and historical sites.  

She started her Fake Food Workshop business from her kitchen table six years ago, and since then, it has grown significantly.  

A growing number of famous people from all over the globe patronize the mother-  

of-three's fictitious food store and studio in southwest Scotland.  

Ms. Boyes's goal is to "make a mouthwatering impression" with what she calls "a blend of art, culinary innovation, and sculptural finesse."  

Since being inspired by her father at a young age, the one-of-a-kind masterpieces have been the result of a lifelong interest for creative arts and crafts.  


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