DCEU Villain Actor Reportedly Joins The Batman Spinoff The Penguin

A former DCEU villain actor has reportedly been cast by The Penguin TV program for the upcoming The Batman spinoff series. After the hugely popular 2022 film starring Robert Pattinson, Matt Reeves' Batman  

Even if the follow-up is a few years away, the sub-franchise is expanding on television thanks to The Penguin, which stars Colin Farrell in a reprisal of the title role.  

Even though the first season of The Penguin was coming to an end in February, it looks like another actor has signed on to the upcoming Max drama.   

Recently, Giacomo Farci's Instagram post has become more popular online. He disclosed that he is collaborating with the former Shazam! star by sharing a photo of Mark Strong.  

What really sticks out, though, is his response to a user who questioned if he was involved with The Penguin.  

In response, Farci said, "Yes, I've trained Mark for it." Warner Bros. TV, Max, and DC Studios have not officially  

acknowledged or confirmed Strong's collaboration with The Penguin as of the time this piece was published.  

Strong has been a favorite choice for Victor Fries, often known as Mr. Freeze, via multiple artworks; the character has only been shown on cinema once, in the 1997 film Batman & Robin starring Arnold Schwarzenegger.  

The Penguin may act as Victor's launching pad before he plays a more significant role in later films, since Mr. Freeze is one of the villains that fits into Reeves' somewhat grounded reality the easiest.   

The Penguin can delve into Victor's past before he turns into Mr. Freeze, regardless of whether it happens to be in The Batman - Part II or even The Batman - Part III.  


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