Deion Sanders Points Out His Big Concern With the Evolution Of NFL

Deion Sanders is the latest former NFL executive to express dissatisfaction with the league's efforts to improve safety.  

Prime Time believes the game has grown "overprotective." Sanders, like Brady, believes the game has become too soft and the league too flexible.  

Deion Sanders especially addressed quarterback overprotection, a stance shared by many, including respected former quarterbacks such as Tom Brady, who believe it has weakened the sport's ruggedness.   

In 2024, the NFL implemented many improvements to improve player safety, including a new kickoff structure that aligns players closer together and restricts mobility  

As a coach, Deion Sanders confronts the task of adjusting to football's ever-changing world. While he tries to embrace these changes, he stays firm in his view that the game's combative character is what makes it genuinely unique.   

The sheer thrill and competition are what attract viewers and athletes to the sport. Deion Sanders' worries are particularly notable given that his son, Shedeur Sanders, is expected to enter the NFL Draft in 2025.   

Despite this, Sanders' statements reveal his profound love for the game. He talks not just as a parent and coach, but also as a renowned character who values the true core of football.  


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