Deion Sanders poses with Tom Brady, Jamie Foxx, and others during the most recent meetup $45 million worth.

Deion Sanders took to Instagram to share photos from an exciting event that included Tom Brady, Jamie Foxx, and others.  

The Colorado Buffaloes head coach shared several images from the Fox 2024 Upfront presentation, showcasing the star-studded lineup of attendees.  

The presentation, held on May 13, 2024, at The Manhattan Center in New York City, showcased a star-studded lineup of attendees, highlighting Fox Corporation’s upcoming content and initiatives​  

Sanders, known for his high profile both on and off the football field, was among various celebrities and sports figures at the event, emphasizing Fox's significant focus on sports and entertainment for the upcoming year 

During an appearance on the podcast "The Coach JB Show with Big Smitty," former Buccaneers star Shaun King discussed how he believes Coach Prime's future with the Buffs will be uncertain if Shedeur Sanders  

Travis Hunter both leave. Shaun believes Deion Sanders has failed to bring any true game changers to Boulder, aside from those he brought with him when he first joined the university.  

Coach JB has thrown down the gauntlet, daring Deion Sanders to use his signature “bravado” and “persona” to shine as a recruiter. He’s convinced that once Shedeur Sanders, Shilo Sanders, and Travis Hunter move on, the buzz will fade. 

Shaun further expanded on this point, claiming that while he believes Deion Sanders might attract a big-time quarterback, he is doubtful about Coach Prime’s ability to recruit 35 top players needed to win championships at Colorado. 

Shaun reckons Deion can attract a good QB mainly because the Buffs have the cash to entice prospects. 


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