Fans think Ja Morant's suspension is too light.

The NBA announced on Friday morning that Ja Morant will miss 25 games to begin the 2023–24 season.  

The star player for the Memphis Grizzlies was given this penalty because of an Instagram Live video in which he was seen brandishing a gun. 

For a similar incident back in March, he received an eight-game suspension.  

The NBA has set some requirements that Morant must fulfill in order to play again. During his suspension, he is not permitted to take part in any league or team activity.  

Many people believe that the NBA made a light decision in imposing this 25-game penalty.  

"According to the CBA, this is very likely the most they could have done. Obviously not enough games to make a significant impact, but here we are," a fan commented. 

"In his grave, David Stern is turning over. He would have undoubtedly suspended Morant for the entire season," remarked someone else.  

This is really disheartening for a league that values gun violence so highly. Another person said, "Slap on the wrist." 


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