Find the hidden mouse in the imAge using optical illusion in under 15 seconds to break the world record!

Color, light, and patterns may be used to create optical illusions that confuse or mislead human perceptions.  

The brain analyzes the information acquired by the eye, resulting in a perception that does not correspond to the actual image. The interpretation of what we see with our eyes is known as perception.   

The image depicts a variety of vibrant mushrooms. Because they are constructed of a variety of colors and come in a variety of sizes, it is challenging to identify the mouse among the mushrooms.  

Despite these challenges, a majority of readers managed to find the mouse within 20 seconds, and some even claimed to have beaten the record by finding it in just 17 seconds.  

So take another look at the image. You can still look for the mouse even after your allotted 15 seconds have passed.

We'll offer you some hints. If you want to find the mouse more quickly, try looking on the left side of the optical illusion image.

Only the mouse's head and eyes are visible. It's not necessary to search for the mouse's full body. Now search for an orange mushroom and a mouse that is peering at you from behind it. By now, you must have located the mouse, as we all know. 

For those who could not find the mouse still, the picture below has the answer. Check the image  to find the mouse location. 


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