Following Joe Jonas's divorce filing, Sophie Turner calls Taylor Swift her "hero," saying that she "provided us with a home."  

After Sophie Turner's estranged husband, Joe Jonas, filed for divorce last year, she and her two daughters resided at Taylor Swift's New York City apartment.  

In her British Vogue cover story, the Game of Thrones actress talked candidly about her friendship with the singer of Tortured Poets Department.  

Soon after Turner's divorce became public, in September 2023, the two began spending time together in public.  

After four years of marriage, the Game of Thrones actress and her daughters Willa and Delphine found themselves in New York without a place to stay when her estranged husband, Joe Jonas, filed for divorce last September.  

That is, until she contacted her friend Swift to ask if the 34-year-old singer of "Treacherous" knew of anyone who was renting out real estate. Turner was shocked when the huge pop star offered her apartment for free right away.  

In her June 2024 British Vogue cover story, the 28-year-old Do Revenge actress said, "Taylor was an absolute hero to me this year." She took my kids and me and gave us a place to live, so I've never been more appreciative of someone.  

As many of you are aware, Swift dated Turner's now 34-year-old husband for a brief period of time between July and October of 2008. She even wrote a song for her Fearless album called "Forever & Always" about their brief romance.   

Turner met the Grammy-winning "Anti-Hero" artist about ten years ago, but their friendship didn't really take off until after the former's recent breakup.  


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