green onion kimchi (pa kimchi)

Green onion kimchi. It's one of my top three favorite kimchi. This specific Kimchi is extremely popular in the spring, when green onions are in season.

Today, I'm going to show you a (very) simple dish you can attempt at home.

Green Onion Kimchi always reminds me of late-night Shin Ramen. It's based on childhood memories.

When I was in junior high, I used to like cooking Neoguri Ramen after a late-night study session.

My mother would smell the ramen aroma from her room and walk down to the kitchen. As she came down the stairs, she would always warn me to quit eating ramen because it is unhealthy. 

But once in the kitchen, she would take out a tiny tupperware container packed with green onion Kimchi from the refrigerator. 

Then I split it into smaller strips and put them in my bowl. It was her method of expressing motherly love, as is customary among Korean mothers!

As previously stated, our Green Onion dish today is really simple. We will just use five key elements for the wet rub.


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