Grizzlies All-Star Reveals How Team Changed Without Ja Morant

When it comes to injuries, the Memphis Grizzlies had the worst season of any team in the NBA.   

They may have suffered the NBA's most injury-plagued season ever. Ja Morant only participated in nine games that year, and everyone had to improve their technique.  

During his appearance as a guest on Inside the NBA, Jaren Jackson Jr. discussed how the Grizzlies have evolved this season without having Ja Morant available.  

Jackson praised the coach for that. "Offering me assurance. I'm telling everyone to make the most of it, but this is the reality of our situation.   

Young men, get out there and make yourself known. Get a contract.   

He's not yanking me; instead, he's letting me work through my turnovers while I have a lot of control over the ball. It's wonderful, therefore I'm bringing it up."  

The Grizzlies must remember what it was like to struggle, and that is one of the most valuable lessons to be learned from this season.   

They ought to appreciate their blessings and keep in mind that good health isn't a given. Jaren Jackson has made his message extremely apparent.  

"Remember it and don't let it be wasted. Recall the sensation of watching the opening round while seated at home.   

Make sure that none of this is wasted.  

it came with turnovers, but he's not yanking me, he's letting me feel it out. I'm bringing it up, it's nice." 


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