Here is the Holiday Cocktail Recipe That Lainey Wilson Loves

The holidays are approaching, and Lainey Wilson is someone who knows how to throw a party and go a little over the top. 

She's busier than ever after winning five CMAs, doing a couple holiday specials, 

and going on Hardy's Mockingbird and The Crow Tour. She is also deserving of some celebration.  

And when is a better time to take a nap and enjoy the holidays with loved ones?Like most of us, 

Lainey is taking a well-earned break this Christmas and returning home to spend time with her family and indulge in copious amounts of Christmas sweets. 

She discussed some of her personal holiday customs and her top tips for holiday entertaining with Country Living.  

Watch the video of our talk below.CL: Do you have any favorite childhood traditions from Louisiana? 

I am aware that you guys have distinct tastes. Do you still bring any of them with you this holiday season?


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