Ja Morant's latest Instagram photo went viral.  

Memphis Grizzlies standout Ja Morant may be the most driven player in the NBA next season. Morant will have plenty to prove next season after being limited to only nine games this year. 

Morant released some photographs and videos from this season in an Instagram post on Tuesday that received over 200,000 likes in just two hours, along with a simple statement with three emojis and the words, "year 6 [on the way]." 

The Western Conference is already quite strong, with some non-playoff teams hoping to make the playoffs next year. The Grizzlies were among the Western Conference clubs that missed the playoffs this season but want to return next season. 

Morant's nine games this season occurred after he returned from a 25-game suspension, but a shoulder injury sidelined him for the rest of the season after just nine games.   

Morant, who is now determined to prove that he and the Grizzlies are still among the best in the league, has signed on for next season.  

In the nine games Morant played this season, there was a new vibe among the Grizzlies that they could make a postseason run. While the star's 25-game suspension to start the season put the Grizzlies in a terrible spot.

Morant and the squad were determined to climb the standings and at least earn a play-in game.  

While Morant's injury, along with several others to important Grizzlies players, swung this season in a different direction, Memphis feels it can rebound next season.


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