Jalen Brunson Doesn't Hold Back His Thoughts About Game 4 Loss

Right now, the New York Knicks are facing some difficulties.  

The Indiana Pacers appear to have figured out Tom Thibodeau's team defensively, and injuries have severely damaged the franchise.  

They had previously lost two important players in Julius Randle and Mitchell Robinson, in addition to an important backup and productive scorer in Bojan Bogdanovic.  

They also lost OG Anunoby, their finest defender, who might have scored 15 to 20 points for them on any given night.  

As a result, Jalen Brunson is now the only real scoring danger in New York, and the Pacers will happily take that.  

However, Brunson doesn't think they should have any justifications for their poor performance in Game 4.  

The former Dallas Mavericks guard refuted the notion that the squad was undermanned and other such claims in his post-game remarks, saying that they would not invent an explanation (via New York Basketball).  

The Knicks' shallow roster ought to be a big worry.  

The Indiana Pacers are a young, talented team, but if they go to the Eastern Conference Finals, they might not have a chance against the Boston Celtics.  

To be honest, at this point, this is by no means surprising.  

We’ve seen guys like Derrick Rose and Jimmy Butler struggle with injuries for the remainder of their careers after playing for Thibodeau, and it just feels like a disservice at this point in his career. 


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