Jason Kelce Isn't Acting Like Someone Who's Actually Retired

Jason Kelce, the center for the Philadelphia Eagles that won a Super Bowl, formally announced his retirement from the National Football League earlier this year.  

Despite being a future member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame, Kelce doesn't seem to be acting like he's officially retired.  

Since deciding to pursue it as a career, he supposedly spent almost every day in the team's facilities.  

This offseason, Fletcher Cox and Kelce both retired. Both players, nevertheless, are remaining around the team.  

Jake Elliott remarked, "You see little little hints of them throughout the locker room now." They've had a profound effect that will endure for a very long time, and those guys won't be going far.  

Since Kelce has already spent practically every day in the building, I know they will always play a significant role in our company.  

Could someone possible come out of retirement if they are regularly attending the facility?  

That's not my problem; you can discuss that with Jason." Elliott informed the hosts of NFL Network.  

Eagles running back Saquon Barkley has also been recruiting Kelce to come out of retirement. However, for now, the longtime Eagles star has stayed off the field - but close to the team.

I know Kelce’s been in the building almost every day already, so they're always gonna be a big part of our organization.” 

Football Hall of Famer, doesn't appear to be acting like someone who's actually retired, though. He's reportedly been in the team's facility basically every day since he called it a career. 


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