Jayson Tatum’s Breakthrough After Streak of Struggles Could Be A Nightmare for Cavs, Says Mark Jackson

In the conference semifinals, the Boston Celtics have defeated the Cleveland Cavaliers 2-1. And all thanks to Jayson Tatum, their power forward.   

Post his astounding performance, NBA veteran Mark Jackson came forward to heap praises on Tatum. And that had all the fans excited.

Jackson came forward to support Tatum in his podcast ‘The Mark Jackson Show.’ The ‘Night Mode’ series had a lot of fans gushing over Jackson’s analysis. 

Jackson gave his all to Tatum and broke into applause for the Celtics star. As per his statements, if Tatum continues his performance, he might be a threat to the Cavaliers’ future plans. 

The podcast was posted on ‘Come and Talk 2 me’ and had the Celtics fans swooning over Jackson’s every word. 

“Jayson Tatum has been struggling coming into last night’s game. To find the rhythm, to establish the rhythm. To get it going offensively. 

It was a welcome sight to see him get up 25 shots, score 33 points, get 13 rebounds and dish out six assists. Let’s slow down and celebrate the game. 

Embrace that he… that he woke up. And… and… and got involved in playoff basketball in a huge win with his team tied 1-1, took care of business in a big game 3 in Cleveland, answering all the doubters emphatically. 

Tatum smoked a whopping 33 points against the Cleveland Cavaliers in Game 3. He also contributed defensively nabbing 13 rebounds and topped that up with 6 assists. Apart from that he had 11-for-25 field goals and cent percent free throws.  

He also had 2-for-8 three-pointers. He led the way for his team and helped them win the game by a 106-93 stat and what was striking was that Tatum got off to a good start after a long time. 

Tatum had last in the season touched 30 was when he was playing in the regular season in March against the Atlanta Hawks. 


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