Jelly Roll Unveils Major Weight Loss as He Prepares for 5K

The 'Need a Favor' singer has tweeted that he is'really good' after implementing the new routine.  

Country music sensation Jelly Roll has started a new health regimen, and he appears to be doing fantastic.   

The 39-year-old singer-songwriter recently discussed the lifestyle adjustments he made in anticipation of a 5K run next month.   

It seems like he has already shed a considerable amount of weight while training.   

"I'm probably down 70-something pounds," Jelly Roll said in a recent interview with People  

which was published on Saturday, April 13. I have been actively participating, you know.   

Two or three miles, four or six times a week, is what I'm doing.  

The "Need a Favor" singer has also been "eating healthy right now" and has been spending "20 to 30 minutes in the sauna, six minutes in a cold plunge every day."   


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