Jelly Roll's Wife Bunnie Xo Reveals Her Dad Bill Died Following Cancer Diagnosi

Jelly Roll's wife and presenter of the Dumb Blonde podcast broke the news on Wednesday,  

sharing a series of images and videos of herself and Bill on social media with a touching message about their relationship. There was a time when he had cancer.  

For 44-year-old Bunnie, the words "Hey Bill, I'm going to miss you" were starters.   

You have never stopped being my favorite rock star and my idol. This one is going to be painful.  

"Take it easy and don't cause too many angels to fall in love," she said, beside images of Bill playing guitar,   

hanging out with a young Bunnie, and kissing his daughter and Jelly on the cheek.  

With Mr. Probz's "Praying to a God" as the music, Bunnie shared a video of herself and Bill having fun.  

She broke off Jelly's Backroad Baptism Tour last year to visit Bill when he received a stage 4 cancer diagnosis.  


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