Justin Bieber's Mom Confirmed Hailey's Pregnancy Is "Not Twins"

Pregnancy rumors have been circulating online for more than 24 hours after Justin and Hailey Bieber announced they were expecting a child together.   

The first is that the couple is expecting twins  

this rumor was unintentionally originated by Justin's mom, Pattie Mallette, who was celebrating the wonderful news when she first began the conjecture.   

Mallette replied to a tweet by Hailey's dad, Stephen Baldwin, who had congratulated the couple on their pregnancy, s  

"Congratulations Grandpa!" We are going to have the most adorable grandbabies ever! The usage of the plural form of the word "grand-babies"   

naturally led people to question if Justin Bieber was expecting more than one child. But Mallette wasted no time in elaborating on her remark.   

As Hailey and Justin renewed their wedding vows in Hawaii, they wore matching headscarves and a special white lace Saint Laurent wedding gown.   

Hailey, who is six months pregnant in her pregnancy, unveiled her belly in a black-and-white clip shared on Instagram.  


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