Keanu Reeves Lands His Childhood Dream Marvel Role In New MCU Art

Although Keanu Reeves has been connected to numerous Marvel roles, there is one character that the actor would want to play and who appears flawless in MCU artwork.  

Thanks to amazing MCU artwork, Keanu Reeves enters the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the heroic role of his dreams. One of the most sought-after performers for inclusion in Marvel's filmography is Keanu Reeves,  

with fans proposing a variety of parts for the seasoned performer. As Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige acknowledged, the actor had previously disclosed that he had negotiations with the studio, thus it appears that he will soon be a part of the MCU.  

A set of photos that Reddit user spleenfreak69 posted depicting Keanu Reeves' potential appearance as the MCU's  

Images of Reeves riding a fiery motorcycle with his John Wick appearance alternate with scenes when the actor totally transforms into Ghost Rider, complete with a burning skull.   

Although the character still needs to find a project for his MCU debut, Reeves would be ideal for the part because he has a close personal relationship with the character. If he is chosen to play Ghost Rider, the MCU may produce some of its best films. 

For many reasons, but most among them being his history with the character, Reeves would be a fantastic Ghost Rider in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. "10-year-old me would want to — I think he'd probably want to be Ghost Rider,  

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