Ketoprak Recipe: Indonesian Street Food at Home

The major ingredients of Ketoprak, a distinctive salad from the Jakarta area, are tofu, rice vermicelli, beansprouts, and lontong/ketupat. Its dressing is a spicy, garlicky peanut sauce. 

Underappreciated Indonesian street cuisine with a unique flavor and texture is called ketoprak. It's a salad and a supper all in one, to put it simply. 

Though it is distinct from Gado-gado in every way, one may attempt to draw comparisons between the two dishes. 

Ketoprak is a street cuisine that can be enjoyed at any time of day, much like any other. It is among the most well-liked foods that vendors in the Jakarta region sell. 

Therefore, Ketoprak Jakarta is the name. Outside of Jakarta, I doubt you can locate this unique vegan cuisine.

In contrast to popular belief, Ketoprak requires very few components. All you need are bean sprouts, rice vermicelli, tofu, and ketupat or lontong.

The only ingredients you'll need for the peanut sauce dressing are peanuts, chiles, garlic, lime juice, palm sugar (or brown sugar), and sweet soy sauce. 

Traditionally, you use banana leaves to make lontong and to make ketupat, you need coconut/palm leaves that are woven into a diamond shape.  


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