Kevin Costner comes clean about Christine Baumgartner divorce

Kevin Costner maintained a brave face throughout his divorce from Christine Baugmgartner last year.  

The veteran actor said in his GQ Summer 2024 cover story that despite feeling completely   

broken" by the loss of his two-decade long marriage, he forced himself to power through for the sake of his children and his job.  

He immersed himself entirely into his future production, Horizon: An American Saga.  

He reflected, "I will not lose myself. And what I'm going to do is - because we're now pursuing the white whale, okay?  

So I can't let go of this rope no matter how low my heart is, no matter how devastated   

I am on a daily basis, because if I do, this thing called Horizon will come to an end."  

Costner explained that the project was not more important than his other commitments,  

but that he needed to first fulfill his "level of responsibility to those guys who invested with me."  

He went on, "And so it doesn't matter how much water's hitting me in the face, I can't let go of the rope that is this thing."  


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