Kevin Costner Pays Tribute to 'Yellowstone' Costar Dabney Coleman

Actor Dabney Coleman, who won an Emmy, passed away at the age of 92, as his family announced. 

Throughout the course of his six-decade career, the actor has made noteworthy appearances in Wargames, You've Got Mail, Tootsie, and 9 to 5.  

He most recently played John Dutton, Sr. in the drama Yellowstone on the Paramount Network. 

Yellowstone posted the news on Instagram along with the statement, "We're saddened by the passing of Dabney Coleman, a legendary actor and member of the Yellowstone family." 

Regarding Dabney's portrayal of John Dutton, Sr., admirers wrote insightful remarks, saying things like, "That scene was the most heartwarming of the entire play!  

"The scene where he takes Kevin Costner out on his horse and the two of them sit and talk while his dad cries was the most heartwarming moment of the entire series. He will be greatly missed." 

Kevin Costner stars as John Dutton, the son of Dabney's character on Yellowstone.   

The two shared a powerful flashback scene in "Sins of the Father" from the season 2 finale.   


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