Kevin Costner’s ‘Horizon: An American Saga’ Is Absolutely Breathtaking In Epic New Trailer

Kevin Costner has been working diligently on Horizon: An American Saga, an epic four-part Western film series.  

This summer, on June 28 and August 16th, respectively, the first two installments of the saga's films will be released.  

Years of work and a significant time commitment forced Costner to resign from his lead role in the popular television series Yellowstone in order to complete this labor of love.  

Upon viewing the initial teaser, I understood why. The first trailer is incredibly beautiful, and the second one gives us a little bit more plot to chow down on.  

I get especially excited when I see the sweeping yellow aspen forests and the rugged plateaus because this is my home country. Just north of where I live in Northern Arizona, in Southern Utah, is where Costner is filming the movies.   

I've traveled through this region numerous times. With its vast open spaces, red rock bluffs, mountain ranges, deserts, forests, canyons, rivers, lakes,  

The wave continued with over 10,000 baby Kevins a year until 1995 when it dipped to some 8,000 and progressively dwindled thereafter. Mocked and shamed

abrupt transitions between different biomes, the region known as the "four corners" of the United States—where Colorado, Utah, New Mexico, and Arizona converge—makes an ideal backdrop for filming Westerns.  

the most excited I’ve been about a new Western since . . . well I don’t actually recall. Deadwood maybe, and that’s a TV series. 


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