Kevin Costner's 'Horizon: An American Saga' is absolutely breathtaking in its epic new trailer.   

Kevin Costner is now working on an epic four-part Western film series titled Horizon: An American Saga. The first two films in the story will be released this summer, on June 28th and August 16th.  

This labor of passion took years to complete, and it consumed so much of Costner's time that he had to quit his starring position on the successful program Yellowstone.   

When I saw the first trailer, I realized why. Part 1 looks really lovely, and the second trailer gives us a little more plot to dig our teeth into.  

This is my home territory, so I'm particularly delighted to see the craggy plateaus and sweeping yellow aspen trees. Costner is filming the films in Southern Utah, just north of my home in Northern Arizona.  

I've passed through the region several times. The four-corner area of the country, where Colorado, Utah, New Mexico, and Arizona meet, is ideal for Western filmmaking, with vast open areas,   

red rock bluffs, mountain ranges, deserts, woodlands, canyons, rivers and lakes, and dramatic variations in habitat.  

This is one of my most-anticipated movies of the summer, and I haven't been this thrilled about a new Western since... well, I can't remember. Maybe Deadwood, which is a television series.  

I'm also looking forward to Viggo Mortensen's Western The Dead Don't Hurt, which he wrote, directed, and composed the music for—along with stars. It's almost as if we are in the midst of a Western rebirth. Count me in as someone who grew up watching John Wayne films and considers Unforgiven to be one of the finest movies ever produced.  


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