Knicks All-Star Jalen Brunson gets a damaged knee against the Cavaliers.

In the opening minute of Sunday's 107-98 victory over the Cavaliers,

Knicks All-Star guard Jalen Brunson suffered a possibly fatal left knee injury that required him to be assisted off the court.  

But it seemed to be only a small fright. Brunson had a knee injury, according to Knicks coach Tom Thibodeau, 

and the results of his X-rays were negative.  

"He bumped knees," Thibodeau said, looking at ease. That's what took place. 

He had X-rays taken and the doctor examined him.

Everything was bad. We'll follow him about tomorrow."  

After a string of critical injuries to the Knicks' star player, Brunson, who averages 27.2 points,

was wounded on the team's opening possession.  


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