Lainey Wilson Reveals Details About Future Of ‘Yellowstone 

In a recent interview, Lainey Wilson discussed Yellowstone's future in detail. With Kevin Costner's departure from the show, many have been curious about Wilson's involvement and the potential storyline for Season 5,  

Part B, which is expected to premiere onParamount+ later this year. See what the country music icon disclosed about what fans can anticipate by continuing to read.  

Lainey Wilson Is Not Sure Whether She Will Take Part  

The singer of "Heart Like A Truck" was present at Thursday night's 2024 ACM Awards. She discussed the much awaited Yellowstone series finale with Entertainment Tonight while she was on the red carpet.  

"I literally still do not know, but I'm waiting on the call," Lainey Wilson responded when asked if she would appear in part two of season five.  

Wilson claims that viewers could interpret her role on the show in a variety of ways. Thus, she might.  

There were a lot of non-traditional country artists at this year's awards, which was interesting.  

For example, Dua Lipa sang with Stapleton and his wife Morgane on "Think I'm in Love With You,  


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