Lemon Beet Hummu

I was hoping to make a splash with the first installment of our hummus series,   

and I heard that Instagrammers would love a recipe for lemon beet hummus.  

As if it weren't obvious, chickpeas are a staple here at the Hangry Chickpea.  

During the months of June and early September, when beets are in season, make this lemon beet hummus for a delicious appetizer or snack.   

However, I must admit that the hue hot pink is my favorite...  

Want to find more hummus? Try some hummus made with edamame or butternut squash.   

Goes well with avocado toast, chickpea burgers, roasted carrot sandwiches, and more.  

We will begin by discussing chickpeas. Using the silkiest, creamiest chickpeas is essential for making the best hummus.  


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