Leo Horoscope Today: May 10, 2024

The world, on the other hand, is continually sending us the message that we are either "too much"  

or "not good enough." As a result, we spend our entire lives attempting to force ourselves into roles   

that are not true to who we are or to conform to categories that limit our capabilities.  

At this point in your trip, you are fortunate enough to have reached a stage  

where you no longer feel the need to strictly adhere to the script. You are terminating your subscription   

to the Matrix, along with all of the drama that surrounds it. Take into consideration this soulscope as a reminder  

to present yourself in the big, terrible world as the version of yourself that offers the least amount of apology.   

During the cosmic conference, it was overheard that you inspire others simply by being who you are.  


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