Love Horoscope For Each Zodiac Sign On Sunday, May 19


Aries, be transparent. As the Sun prepares to leave Taurus and enter Gemini, now is the time to share what you most want from a relationship.  

You have grown. During this month with the Sun in your sign, you've learned a lot about who you are in love. Now is the time to apply those invaluable lessons to your relationships.   


You might reconnect with an ex. The last day of the Sun in Taurus can provide much-needed closure in your love life. This could be a time when you can resolve a conflict that has been preventing you from moving on to find new love.   


Today, you may notice romantic tensions between you and someone you've previously viewed platonically. Pay close attention to how their behavior towards you changes.    


Respect is an essential component of any long-term relationship. The concept of respect and mutuality is a hot topic today. Discuss what you need from your partnership.    


You can learn a lot by asking questions, and the same goes for your romantic life. There's a good chance you and your significant other don't know everything about each other.   


Transparency can help to build trust. Today could be the beginning of feeling like you're more than just a couple; you're a family.   


Forever is a big step, and you may feel more prepared than before. The final day of this solar season may have you wearing your heart on your sleeve.    


Healthy boundaries and self-love are the two things you set to gain on the day the Sun sits at the edge of Taurus season. Your attitude about dealbreakers could impact your handling of certain matters in your love life  


A few adorable things to try can also be writing a poem with their name or purchasing matching keyrings that symbolize your love.  


The decision to bring a child into this world is a big one, and you may feel ready to take on this challenge. However, the idea of parenting by yourself, with a friend or with a committed partner can also be scary.  


You may find that you can build your partner's confidence in your relationship by saying kind things to them. You can share memories about your past together or talk more about the future  



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