Mango and The strawberry Smoothie 

This vegan strawberry mango smoothie is so good that I’ve made it nearly every day for the last 6 months. Not kidding, it's just that good. 

We’re using frozen fruit, a couple mix-ins for protein and flavor, and plant-milk to make your new favorite smoothie 

I make mine with plant-based coconut yogurt and milks, but if dairy is your jam, go for it. Not a strawberry or mango fan? Check out this green spirulina smoothie. 

Vitamix train for the last couple years and use it every single day for my smoothies. This is a professional-grade blender, folks. Before that, I used the Nutribullet for single-serving smoothies.  

Twist to separate the two halves, and scoop the green part out of the skin (the half without the pit is recommended). 

1. Spoon – for scooping yogurt and avocado. Also for eating.

Frozen strawberries – I love using frozen berries in smoothies for two reasons: first, berries are lower in sugar than most other fruits.  

sweet fruit that adds a slightly tropical vibe to this strawberry mango smoothie. 


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